RTD Global Team Challenge

RTD Global Team Challenge Leaderboard

Why am I not listed below?

Team Representing Members Mileage
The White Roses West Yorkshire 2 190
The Welsh Misfits Wales 1 117
The Only Way is Essex Runners Essex England 0 0
The Essex Lions Essex & South East 1 75
Team ORC Overseal, Derbyshire 0 0
Suffolk’n’Good Suffolk 1 92
Southern Striders South 1 119
South West Wurzels West Country 0 0
RTDNotts Team Nottingham 0 0
RTDcymru Wales 0 0
RTD Scotland Scotland 0 0
RTD Missfits Birmingham (England) 1 4
RTD Midland Flyers East Midlands 0 0
RTD Heart of England Warwickshire 3 317
RTD Gloucestershire Gloucestershire 0 0
RTD Dorset Dorset 5 479
RTD Devon Devon 0 0
Nelsons County RTD Norfolk 0 0
Londons Grumpy Old Gits West London 0 0
Dreigiau Cymreig (Welsh Dragons) Wales 0 0
Awesome BeAsT’s England 1 218
#THE US Team USA 0 0
#TeamNorthWest North West 0 0
#RunForrestRun Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire 4 436
#RTDGoGloucestershire Gloucestershire 1 49
#RTD Northeast Tigers Noth East 0 0
#RTD Northeast Panthers Noth East 0 0

The White Roses
Name Mileage
Karen Head?????????????????????? 103.6
Ady Dransfield-Preston 86.9
The Welsh Misfits
Name Mileage
Gavin Nicholls 117.4
The Only Way is Essex Runners
Name Mileage
The Essex Lions
Name Mileage
Jeff Simmons 75.6
Team ORC
Name Mileage
Name Mileage
Mark Holland 92.7
Southern Striders
Name Mileage
Kieron Mumford 119
South West Wurzels
Name Mileage
RTDNotts Team
Name Mileage
Name Mileage
RTD Scotland
Name Mileage
RTD Missfits
Name Mileage
David McGuire 4.6
RTD Midland Flyers
Name Mileage
RTD Heart of England
Name Mileage
Vicky Bartholomew 156.1
Mark Blaszczyszyn 74.1
Emma White 87.2
RTD Gloucestershire
Name Mileage
RTD Dorset
Name Mileage
Nick Inge 11.3
Mike Collins 66.5
Mick Smith ???? ??????? ???????? 227.9
Malindi Bailey 93.4
Julie P ???? 80.5
RTD Devon
Name Mileage
Nelsons County RTD
Name Mileage
Londons Grumpy Old Gits
Name Mileage
Dreigiau Cymreig (Welsh Dragons)
Name Mileage
Awesome BeAsT’s
Name Mileage
Phil Bradburn ???????? ???? 218.4
#THE US Team
Name Mileage
Name Mileage
Name Mileage
John ‘Skip’ Sanderson 134.1
Emma Hayden-West 65.1
Dave Herbert 131
Conrad Watson 106.1
Name Mileage
Michelle Kimberley 49.6
#RTD Northeast Tigers
Name Mileage
#RTD Northeast Panthers
Name Mileage

How often are stats updated?
Runs will be downloaded from Strava within a max 4 hours. This is all done automatically so you don't need to do anything. If you'd like to speed things just up press the orange Connect to Strava button again and any of your new runs will appear within a few seconds.

Why do I not appear in the above?
Make sure you have clicked the orange 'Connect to Strava' button at the top of the page and ensure you appear on this page.
Next I will need to manually link you to your team so please message me or tag Jeffrey Simmons in a post on RTD